Our fully hydraulic multi-hooklift loading and unloading system on rollers has been imposed on the market thanks to the longitudinal displacement of the containers as the most suitable, reliable and easy to handle system. The hook arm can be extended and retracted in the collection and placement position, even under load, for the changes in the container’s position on ramps and/or trailers.

The proportional control system allows the placement and collection of the container in a sensitive and controlled manner. The device also incorporates an additional control system that, placed in the cabin of the vehicle, allows carrying out all the necessary maneuvers for the manipulation of the containers from inside the vehicle itself.

Only steels of great resistance are used in JIMECA, which allows us to offer a low height construction and a reduced own weight, providing a greater payload to the vehicle. Elements such as the hook and the rollers are made in cast iron, which gives them excellent mechanical characteristics, obtaining a greater resistance to wear, prolonging the service time of our equipment.

The maintenance of these devices is minimal, being limited almost exclusively to the lubrication of the moving parts.

The system has all the necessary elements to comply with the current safety regulations, and can be adapted to standards such as DIN 30722.